The best length to mow your lawn is really dependent upon the season and temperature. We try to consistently cut a lawn at 3-3.5 inches all year long. The longer blades of grass help in shading the soil to prevent pesky weeds and crab grass from growing. You will also see optimal green color from your lawn at this length.

How often should my lawn be cut?

A lawn should be cut every 5-7 days. At Cheslik Lawn Care we cut our clients lawns every 7 days on a regular basis (weather permiting). Cutting any sooner could cut the lawn to short and kill the grass and cutting any later could result in extra blade growth. Extra blade growth will result in more clippings on the lawn blocking the suns rays and killing the grass.

How often and when should I water my lawn?

Watering the grass is a very important step, especially during dry periods that are common in the summer here in Michigan. Your lawn needs about 1-1.5 inches of water per week. As a general rule you should be able to stick a 6 inch screw driver into your lawn with little effort. If you cannot, more than likely your lawn is to dry.

When is the Best Time to Water the Lawn?

Watering your lawn at the right time of day is just as equally important as watering your lawn in general. The earlier in the morning you can water your lawn the better. This gives your lawn a chance to absorb all the water before the sun is high and shining on it. Water left on the lawn at the hottest part of the day can burn your lawn and kill it.

When should new grass be planted?

Overseeding is a common fall lawn maintenance practice. This is the process of seeding your existing turf without tilling the soil. This is done to generate new lush green growth year after year. This service is best done hand and hand with a fall aeration to help with any compaction issues. If your lawn is to compact or has drainage issues though, overseeding will not be beneficial. If your lawn has issues the overseeding may work initially but will die out very quickly thereafter.

How Do I Control Weeds?

Controlling weeds is best done by consistent weekly mowing and maintenance. Keeping your lawn at the correct height week after week will keep the soil healthy and prevent the sun from germinating those pesky weeds and crabgrass.

Do I really need aeration?

Aeration is a key step in keeping your lawn looking healthy and green. Lawns are naturally compacted all the time by pets or general foot traffic. In harsh situations such as periods of extreme heat and drought a grass will thin out and loose its color because it cant reach the air, water, and nutrients just inches away due to compaction. A single aeration can greatly improve the overall appearance and health of your lawn. Pairing overseeding with this procedure can also greatly improve the look of your lawn.

Can I pick my mowing day?

Mowing days are determined by the company to provide the best route density so we can keep our costs low for you, year after year. The best thing about hiring a lawn service to do your lawn maintenance, is you never have to be home and our billing system makes that even easier. Our credit card on file system allows us to securely and discreetly keep your credit card on file without our company ever seeing it and charging your card bi-weekly, similar to an automatic payment system. This gives you more of your summer back to you as you can go out of town or spend time up north with friends and family knowing our trustworthy and reliable staff will keep your lawn in top shape.

What is lawn edging?

Edging is a crucial step in giving your lawn and home optimal curb appeal. It also helps keep your lawn at bay so as not to take over your driveway and sidewalk. When edging we run an edger blade right next to all concrete edges to square up your lawn and create a boundary. This is included in the price of weekly lawn maintenance but is done on a bi-weekly basis.

Do you bag grass clippings?

Lawn clippings a great source of nutrients for your lawn. The break down with the heat from the sun and rain and give the nutrients inside back to your lawn. Because of this, our policy is to discharge all clippings back onto the lawn as opposed to bagging them.