Don't Get Snowed In

Don't Get Snowed In

Schedule snow removal services in or around Essexville & Bay City, MI

Every winter, residents in the Essexville & Bay City, MI area experience roughly 37 inches of snowfall. When your home starts looking like a winter wonderland, reach out to Cheslik Lawn Care to receive residential snow plowing services. We'll make sure your driveway and sidewalk are completely clear before you have to head out for the day.

Learn more about our snow removal services by contacting us today.

3 reasons to avoid removing snow yourself

Why should you schedule professional snow removal services from Cheslik Lawn Care? Trying to shovel snow alone can be:


  1. Dangerous - you don't need to risk slipping and falling on slick snow and ice this winter
  2. Time-consuming - you don't have to spend hours shoveling snow from your driveway or walkway
  3. Inconvenient - you don't have to worry about finding the necessary time and equipment to remove built-up snow







Instead of shoveling snow yourself, call 989-372-2730 now to schedule residential snow plowing services in Essexville & Bay City, MI or the surrounding areas.